• Red apples in the orchard

    Red apples in the orchard/fall

  • Staghorn Sumac leaf

    Staghorn Sumac leaf

  • Firepit


  • The lawn and river

    The lawn and river

  • A view across the river

    A view across the river

  • The lawn and firepit

    The lawn and firepit

  • Autumn leaves in October

    Autumn leaves in October

  • The orchard

    The orchard

  • Brilliant Staghorn Sumac

    Brilliant Staghorn Sumac

  • River Ranch

    River Ranch

  • Cornfield next to windrows

    Cornfield next to windrows

  • Hayfield with hills beyond

    Hayfield with hills beyond

  • Staghorn Sumac

    Staghorn Sumac

  • A spectacular November sunset

    A spectacular November sunset

  • The pumpkin patch

    The pumpkin patch

  • River Ranch

    River Ranch

  • Yellow apples

    Yellow apples

  • The lawn

    The lawn

  • Guest House patio

    Guest House patio

  • Canning season

    canning season

  • Autumn leaves

    Autumn leaves

  • A huge apple!

    A huge apple!